1 Dec, 2014   Rakesh Sharma    Guides .

Transferring the circuit design

Now let’s get started. In this tutorial I am making a 4-channel Fan Controller.

Initial circuit design and layout is done. There are many softwares available for PCB layout designing. I used Autocad and MS Paint (the Win7 version only since it has a ruler) for this project.

Now we print the layout on to the toner transfer paper.

Now we cut the blank PCB to the size of the circuit with a hacksaw.

Now we use sand paper to make the PCB clean and shiny.

Now we roll the PCB and printout through the lamination machine, this will stick the paper onto the PCB. Leave the PCB in soap water for an hour and then genteelly peel off the paper. Now PCB has only toner in the form of the circuit layout.