Corsair Hydro-X LC External Build

From past few years I am doing lot of reviews, testing, and overclocking of PC hardware. For the basic testing I have dedicated different test benches with fixed hardware like AIO, RAM, PSU etc. And for extreme overclocking I already have a Phase Changer Rig.

But for some overclocking using liquid cooling solution, I always must assemble all the LC hardware like radiator, reservoir, pump etc. on the open table for testing and afterwards drain and pack safe all LC hardware to be assembled again in future.

This is not a good practice, so I have decided to make an external liquid cooling case/box with all the necessary LC hardware installed. Also, will be using some quick-connects at inlet and outlet of the box to quickly change the cooling blocks as per needed. Making whole build a modular and versatile external liquid cooling case.

So, I shared my idea with CORSAIR, and they were very happy to support all the liquid cooling hardware I needed with the CORSAIR Hydro X Series of custom liquid cooling PC hardware.

After waiting for few days, a big box of goodies came home from CORSAIR.

First arranging a basic layout of how build will come together and making some measurements.

Now purchased some MDF board and starting the build process.

Black primer and base colour coat done. Also cut the acrylic sheet for front cover and will be held in place with magnets

Done some final painting.

Installed a SFX PSU and fan controller.

Installed a Corsair fans and Liquid cooling hardware.

All wiring done, now time to fill the loop with CORSAIR HydroX Series XL5 Performance Coolant.

And modified Lamptron FC5 controller is running fine, Now along with all fans, can control pump speed manually too.

Finally, the Corsair Hydro-X LC External Build is completed. Now this will be an important build for reviews, testing, and overclocking of PC hardware.