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Go Forward and Upgrade

It’s time to level up your PC. Upgrade your gaming PC meanwhile get Steam Code from MSI for massive games!

[April 25, 2022 Global announcement] -- MSI’s Go Forward and Upgrade is starting now! Find the amazing deals for your gaming PC set up.

In the end of April, MSI will offer best deal for all the gaming components. Amazing deals for gaming series including Z690 motherboards, liquid cooling, power supply, gaming chair and chassis. All of those components can help you enhance your gaming experience. You can immerse games with our stunning motherboard and slient liquid cooling. Also, we offer reliable and stable power supply that can support all you need for your PC. Besides, You can upgrade your graphics card to MSI 3090 Ti which is the perfect match with MSI MPG A1000G power supply!

We announce a new promotion – "Go Forward and Upgrade". Once you buy selected eligible components products you will get steam code worth up to USD 100. If you also join Shout out for MSI campaign, for gaming series you can get more USD 20 steam code!

More information here:

The promotional starts from 25th of April 2022 (00:01 local time) to 31st of May 2022 (23:59 – local time). After making a qualifying purchase, consumers have to visit the promotion website to process the redemption.

Besides, MSI offers more special programs for consumers currently. Not only earn steam code from our promotion but get extra USD$20 steam code from our Shout out for MSI. Check it now!!

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