Asustor AS6302T 2-Bay NAS Review

Most modern home today has more than one computing devices like Desktops, laptops, tablets, smart phones and more. And have lot of data in form of pictures, music, movies, personal data etc. scattered all over the devices.

With so much of data there is growing need for some centralized storage solution. So today we are reviewing a NAS (Network Attached Storage) from Asustor, the Asustor AS6302T 2-Bay NAS device, designed for personal and small business use.

The AS6302T NAS is powered by Intel's new dual-core 2GHz Apollo Lake Celeron CPU and comes with 2GB of DDR3 memory, which can be expanded to 8GB. It supports RAID 0, RAID 1, and JBOD configurations. HDMI 2.0 output from this device can deliver 4K image up to 60 frames per second, and more.

  • Enhanced CPU and GPU provides comprehensive performance upgrades
  • 2 GB of expandable dual-channel memory
  • Utilizes the latest HDMI 2.0 and USB 3.0 Type-C specifications
  • Unique WOW (Wake-on-WAN) function provides flexible power control and access

Now let's see what this Asustor AS6302T 2-Bay NAS device has more to offer.


Asustor AS6302T NAS comes in a small box securely packaged with product image line-out and model name on front and the back of the box.

Inside the box

Package Contents : AS6302T Unit x1, Quick Start Guide, AC Power Cord x1, AC Power Adapter x1, RJ-45 LAN Cable(Cat 5e) x2, Flat Head Screw (for 3.5" HDD) x8 and Flat Head Screw (for 2.5" HDD) x8


ASUSTOR AS6302T is compact looking device with solid metal build offering two 3.5-inch drive bays with quick-release trays with drive activity LED indicators in front, along with one USB 3.0 port with LED status indicators for power, system status, LAN activity, and USB activity.

The rear of NAS device holds two USB 3.0 ports, a USB-C port, two Gigabit LAN ports, an HDMI 2.0 output, S/PDIF audio output and Power-in connector.

NAS provides easy installation of two 3.5-inch drive bays with front quick-release trays.


Apollo Lake Processor Maximized Computing Power
The all new AS6302T is equipped with the Intel Celeron (Apollo Lake) sixth generation 14nm process built dual-core processor. It features overclocking to 2.5GHz and overall performance that is enhanced by 30% when compared with previous generations, satisfying the needs for 24/7 access in small business environments.

Enhanced GPU Increased Multimedia Processing Power
The AS6302T features a built-in Intel HD graphics engine, supporting HEVC and VP9 hardware transcoding that significantly enhances multimedia and image processing performance by 30%. This provides an unparalleled fluid usage experience for professionals and prosumers alike.

USB Type-C Ports Allow you to Connect to a New Generation of Devices
In addition to the existing USB 3.0 Type-A ports, the AS63/64 series devices have added two-way Type-C ports that allow your NAS to easily connect to a new generation of devices, quickly completing transfers of large multimedia files.

HDMI 2.0 Combined with 4K/UHD Output Provides Crystal Clear Quality Displayed Perfectly
The AS63/64 series supports next generation HDMI 2.0 specifications, featuring up to 60/50P 4K resolution video which provides twice the fluidity of 4K 30P. Combined with built-in 2GB/8GB dual channel memory, this allows for the playback of 4K/UHD with unparalleled smoothness. No matter if it's your treasured collection of Blu-ray quality movies or videos that you have recorded with professional quality cameras, ASUSTOR NAS can perfectly display all of it in crystal clear quality.

WOW (Wake on WAN) Always on Standby
Want to access the data on your NAS at any time, but worried that leaving it powered on for a long period of time will result in costly power bills, wear and tear on your hard disks and NAS or that you will become the target of hackers? ASUSTOR has provided the AS63/64 series devices with two types of unique network wake (WOL/WOW) functions easing all of the doubts mentioned above! WOL (Wake on LAN) allows you to wake the NAS from sleep mode or when its powered off as long as you are in the same network. WOW (Wake on WAN) allows you to enable all NAS services via the Internet, providing added flexibility for powering on/off the NAS and data access. These two types of network wake functions allow you to save power, extend the life of your NAS and hard disks, and lower your chances of being randomly hacked, ensuring data security.

Apollo Lake Processor Green Energy Efficiency
All ASUSTOR NAS products are designed and developed around ecologically friendly concepts. Not only do ASUSTOR NAS devices consume far less power than the average computer or server, but ASUSTOR's power saving and management functions allows users to plan out a whole week's power control schedule. Power scheduling can allow the NAS to power on, power off, sleep or perform other tasks at specified times of the day. This function can help to save a considerable amount of power while also prolonging the life of hard disks. Additionally, the new advanced WOW (Wake-On-WAN) function allows users to wake their NAS and access their files at any time.

Seamless Compatibility with Various Platforms
The AS6302T comes with the ADM operating system which is compatible with a large variety of network protocols*. No matter if you are using Windows, Mac OS X or Unix-like operating systems you will be still be able to easily access and share data on the NAS. No matter if you are using a PC, notebook, tablet or smartphone your data is always within reach.

Data Protection Starts with Storage
ASUSTOR understands that your data is priceless, therefore ASUSTOR NAS provides different RAID Volume options, giving your data various levels of protection from the moment it is first stored on the NAS. We recommend you plan your storage protection based on your NAS model and number of hard disks. Data protection has never been so simple.

Multi-Layered Protection from the Outside in
ASUSTOR NAS ensures data security by creating an in-depth data protection plan that protects your data from the outside in. Utilization of a multi-layered deployment scheme allows for the achievement of active network, system and data protection.

Comprehensive Backup Solutions
The AS63 /64 provides over 12 different backup options and is connected to a variety of public cloud storage services including Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive,, HiDrive, Ralus, WonderBox, xCloud and CrashPlan. You can also use FTP Explorer, USB external hard drive enclosures, external hard drives and local backup to ensure proper backup for your data. No matter if you are using Windows, Mac or Linux, ASUSTOR provides the proper tools for your backup needs. MyArchive cold backup technology turns NAS hard disks into removable storage archives. Directly insert a MyArchive hard disk into the NAS to easily access, backup and share terabytes of content.

MyArchive Simplifies Backup
MyArchive cold backup technology allows NAS hard disks to be turned into removable archive hard disks. Users only need to directly insert MyArchive hard disks into their ASUSTOR NAS and it will act as an internal hard disk, allowing users to backup their critical data using local scheduled backups. Backup can be this simple.

App Central
Unleash the unlimited potential of ASUSTOR NAS. The applications that come pre-installed with each ASUSTOR NAS device are just the beginning. At your convenience, you can browse through and download any applications that pique your interest from App Central. Whether your interests lie in business, website construction or even digital home entertainment, App Central has got you covered. With over 200 unique Apps, App Central provides you with the boundless variety of applications that you require to satisfy your digital lifestyle needs. Explore the unlimited potential of ASUSTOR NAS devices while creating a personalized NAS device for yourself.

Created for the Digital Home
ASUSTOR NAS allows you to enjoy thrilling digital entertainment at any time. Via the built-in HDMI port and various multimedia Apps the NAS can be connected directly to ultra high resolution TVs and players. Enjoy multimedia with family and friends or use the UPnP multimedia server to stream your favorite media to compatible computers and mobile devices.

Comprehensive Surveillance System
The powerful ASUSTOR NAS provides optimal reliability for home and SMB users looking to set up a surveillance system. 4 free camera channels are offered, making it an extremely cost-effective surveillance solution for users with smaller demands. For users with larger demands, the number of camera channels can be expanded up to 36 via purchasable camera licenses. After installing Surveillance Center and its corresponding mobile app AiSecure, users will also be able to stream live surveillance feeds to their smartphones while on the go, keeping an eye on their most valued assets from anywhere.

Mobile Apps
ASUSTOR's exclusive Cloud Connect technology allows you to connect to your NAS from anywhere with your Mobile device in order to access and share your files. ASUSTOR mobile apps provide pass code lock functions in order to protect your privacy and data. You can also make use of HTTPS connections for even more added security.

First-Class Product Warranty
All ASUSTOR NAS products come with a 3-year warranty. ASUSTOR continues to make customer service a priority in providing the highest standard of after-sales service and technical support.


Software / Interface

The AS6302T is managed using the Asus Data Master (ADM) web-based console that you can install from the included resource CD or download from the company's website. There's also a mobile version (AiMaster) that you can download for your iOS or Android device. The ADM console is fairly straightforward and uses a Windows-like interface to help you manage your NAS.


  • Solid build quality
  • Easy Setup
  • Good Performance
  • Lot of features
  • Low noise
  • Lot of connectivity options
  • Android / iOS Apps


  • Provided 2GB RAM is less
  • Little expensive


Asustor AS6302T NAS is a compact and feature packed storage solution. Being a reviewer, I use to have lot of images, drivers, graphs, applications on different PCs and external drives. Now AS6302T NAS is my central hub for all my data storage and access needs, giving a very good performance with my data transfers and ending the hassle of searching through many external drives when needed a file. The power consumption and noise levels are also quite low.

To sum up, my experience with Asustor AS6302T was surprisingly positive. Best storage device for home users and people running their own business with a relatively limited budget, making Asustor AS6302T NAS worthy of our PC TeK Reviews Excellence Award.

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