Cooler Master Storm GX650 Power Supply Review

With power consumption of latest PC hardware is getting lower and lower, even the higher end components CPU and GPU are going more power efficient. The latest Overclocked version of Nvidia GTX 1080 graphic card has maximum power consumption of only 300W. Considering this current lower power consumption standard, Cooler Master has introduced the new and improved version of its very successful power supply of all time (old GX650), the Cooler Master Storm GX650, a 650 watts and 80 PLUS Bronze certified PSU with high performance DC-DC module design and all Japanese Capacitors.

Now let's see what this Cooler Master Storm GX650 PSU has for us.


  • 80 PLUS Bronze certified: up to 85% efficiency @ typical load
  • 100% Japanese capacitors
  • Powerful Single +12V rail for superior load balancing and VGA compatibility. All series supports VGA up to Nvidia Titan.
  • Custom DC-DC module design offers higher efficiency and voltage stability
  • Haswell C6/C7 support & zero load operation.
  • Stylish honeycomb vents design to keep better heat dissipation and airflow.
  • ALL black flat cable for easier cable management.
  • Multiple Protection Design & High reliability.

Cable lenghts


Power handling




Cooler Master Storm GX650 comes in a securely packaged box with PSU graphics, Model name and features highlights on front and the back of the box.

Inside the box

Box includes Cooler Master Storm GX650 with cables, Power cable, PSU mounting screws and User manual


Cooler Master has done a great effort on aesthetics of the PSU. With a matte black paint and slight touch of green along with full black flat cables, gives the PSU a premium rich feel.


Cooler Master uses 120mm ONG HUA fan (HA1225H12B) with a 12 V and 0.58 A rating inside the Cooler Master Storm GX650 power supply.

The build quality of Cooler Master Storm GX650 power supply board is very high and uses all Japanese capacitors in the primary and secondary stage.


Test system configuration -

CPUIntel Core i7 6700K
Board GIGABYTE Z170X-Designare
RAM2 X 4GB Corsair DDR4
SSDKingston SV300 120GB
CoolerCooler Master 240M Nepton
DisplayAcer S220HQL
OS Windows 10

Custom made DC Active dummy load PSU tester.

Load Test

To test the PSU on my Active load test, I have manually increased the load in Amps on 12v first rail, 12v second rail, 5v and 3.3v rail to simulate 100%, 80% 50% and 20% load. Since this PSU is having only single 12v rail, so divided the load in half on both 12v loads on my tester.

5V stand-by and -12V supply was left at a constant 0.5amp load throughout the test run.

Maximum theoretical load handling capacity of my tester is somewhat around 1500W, but due to MOSFETs safe operating area (SOA) characteristics and thermal load handling capacity of the heatsinks, this tester can handle Max 1300W.. For safety reasons I have also installed a thermal controller which turn OFF the attached PSU if temperature exceeds SOA specifications.

During test the PSU ran smoothly up to 665W of load, when tried to pull more the PSU turned itself OFF showing the proper working of Overload protection .


  • ALL Japanese capacitors
  • Great Value for Price
  • High build quality
  • 5 years warranty
  • Full Black Cables


  • Nil


Cooler Master Storm GX650 PSU in our test showed good voltage stability and 80 PLUS Bronze efficiency. PSU fan was very quite at low and modest load, and was little noticeable under full load too. The protection circuit OCP worked perfect and PSU turned itself off when tried to pull over 665 watts.

Finally at the price tag of Rs.6.5K (approx) the new Cooler Master Storm GX650 PSU is nice price to performance units satisfying most of the current gaming builds. With full flat black cables, all Japanese capacitors and a 5 year warranty Cooler Master Storm GX650 is best option for gamers and midrange pc builder and worthy of our PC TeK REVIEWS Value Award.

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