Cooler Master MASTERAIR MA610P Review

Now a day's RGB in a Computer build is the latest trend. We have every component manufacture coming up with more and more products with RGB and different lighting effects. But RGB lighting do add great aesthetics to a build if don't nicely or can change a PC case into a multi colour lighting Christmas tree..(good for you, if you like it so).

CPU cooling solution are also not left behind, they also comes with RGB lighting and today we are reviewing one such CPU Air cooler from Cooler Master, the Cooler Master MASTERAIR MA610P CPU cooler. Equipped with two RGB-fans in a pull-push configuration, with two options for controlling of RGB lighting, first via motherboard RGB header as this cooler is compatible with all the major motherboard RGB utilities and second via dedicated Cooler Master RGB controller that comes with the cooler.

Now let's see with 6 copper heatpipes and precision engineered heatsink what more the MASTERAIR MA610P CPU cooler have for us.


Cooler Master's aluminum fin craftmanship is second to none. Optimized fin stacked distance between each layer is based on stringent airflow tests from our labs.

The 2 x MasterFan 120 Air Balance RGB accelerates removal of heat with the 'Push and Pull'. Cold air is drawn into the MA610P heatsink from one side to cool to cool off the heat generated from the CPU. Hot air is then quickly pulled out from the other side to ensure the CPU operates at maximum effiency.

The Continuous Direct Contact 2.0 Technology increases the surface area of the copper base by 45% to maximize the contact and removal heat from the CPU. The total of 6 heatpipes, the MA610P is able to maximize TDP capacities.

A wired RGB LED controller is included with the MA610P to change the RGB lighting anytime you want (no software needed). Switch it up depending on your mood, the possibilities are not limitless.

The controller offers per-set lighting options with 5 brightness level, 6 lighting modes and 7 different colours.

The easy install mounting kit ensures hassle-free installation. Universal retention brackets are compatible with latest Intel and AMD socket CPU.

The MA610P is for enthusiasts and gamers to push their systems to the limit. Exceptional cooling performance is a must to keep it running stable and at max speeds. The MA610P is also stylishly design to match the precision engineered components in your build. It even comes with a dual RGB fans and controller for you to change the your lighting without limitations.

Unique Top Cover Design
Creative RGB LED logo design with additional light strips on the top cover for aesthetic customization.




Cooler Master MASTERAIR MA610P CPU cooler comes in a securely packaged box with product image, Model name and features highlights on front and the back of the box.

Inside the box

Box contains securely foam-cutout packed cooler along with installation guide, warranty information paper and a box with all the necessary hardware for Intel / AMD CPU mounting and a RGB controller.

Closer Looks

Test system configuration -

CPUIntel Core i7 5960X
BoardASUS X99
RAM4 X 4GB Corsair DDR4 3000Mhz
SSDKingston 120GB SSD
GFX AMD RX Vega 56
PSU CM Masterwatt 750
DisplayASUS PB287Q
OS Windows 10

For testing thermal capability we manually overclocked Intel Core i7 5960X CPU upto 4.4GHz and stressed the CPU using AIDA64 for 10 minutes. To average out we took three readings with 15 minutes of system idle time in between every reading. We compared MASTERAIR MA610P CPU cooler with few of known AIOs, Air coolers and a custom LC solution.

Ambient Temperature 24C

At Idle the CPU cooler was very silent and at full load due to push-pull fans configuration cooler do product little fan noise in open test bench, but when installed inside a closed case the noise of the two fans was not that noticeable.


  • Two RGB Fans
  • Comes with RGB controller and also support major motherboard RGB utility
  • Decent Cooling
  • Easy Installation
  • 2 years warranty
  • Nice Price


  • Slight fan noise at max load
  • Compatibility problem with high height memory modules


When it comes to get a RGB CPU air cooler there are very little choices available in the market. Cooler Master fulfills this gap with a powerful CPU air cooler with full RGB support in form of Cooler Master MASTERAIR MA610P cooler. With 6 heatpipes, big aluminum heatsink and two 120mm RGB fans in push-pull configuration gives MASTERAIR MA610P cooler a high cooling performance. In our testing with an Intel Core i7 5960X CPU overclocked upto 4.4GHz, the CPU cooler was very silent at idle and at full load due to push-pull fans configuration cooler do product little fan noise in open test bench, but when installed inside a closed case the noise of the two fans was not that noticeable.

Second the MASTERAIR MA610P cooler can give some compatibility problem with high height memory modules. In my test setup I was easily able to populate 4 DIMM slots out of 8 slots with Corsair Dominator DDR4 kit in quad channel on my X99 motherboard. However populating all 8 slots was not possible with this cooler, but you can easily install 8 low profile memory modules. So chose correct type of memory modules according to your need with this CPU Cooler.

Finally at a price tag of Rs.3.6k(approx.), the Cooler Master MASTERAIR MA610P CPU cooler offers best price to performance value with RGB lighting, satisfying all RBG and CPU cooling needs of a higher end gaming pc build and worthy of our PC TeK Reviews Choice Award.

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