Now a day's SSDs has became almost the essential component in any PC build. Whether you are an enthusiast or gamer one can't imagine a PC without a SSD. With affordable price tags today there are lots of SSD options available in the market. But if you want large capacity SSD for best price than there are very little choice out there .

So today we are reviewing one such option from CORSAIR, the Corsair Neutron XTi 480GB SSD. A top of the line solid-state drive from Corsair that meets the capacity and performance needs of the most discerning PC gaming enthusiasts and content creation professionals, giving sequential read up to 560MB/s and write up to 540MB/s with a 480GB of storage capacity

So now let's see what CORSAIR NEUTRON XTI 480GB SSD have for us.


High Performance Quad-Core SSD Controller – The first solid-state drive on the market to feature a dedicated quad-core processor for top tier performance with low command latency and sustained performance achieved by utilizing unique quad-core controller.

Consistent Performance – Very high sustained transfer rates enabled by expanded cache make it possible to capture and edit professional Full HD and 4K uncompressed video in real-time, as well as play PC games with absolute maximum detail levels.

Low Power Consumption – 95% less power consumption than standard HDDs means better energy efficiency for your desktop machine and longer battery life for your laptop. Also includes support for DEVSLP (device sleep).

Exceptional transfer speeds –The SATA 6Gb/s effectively saturates the SATA 6Gbp/s interface, SSD providing a sequential read of up to 560Mb/s, sequential write of up to 540Mb/s, 4KB random reads of up to 100K IOPS and 4K random writes of up to 90K IOPS.

End-to-End Data Path Protection – ETEP protects the entire data path within the SSD controller. From the host to the NAND gate, ensuring data is protected against corruption.

5 year warranty – Peace of mind. A statement of Corsair product quality and reliability.



CORSAIR NEUTRON XTI SSD comes in a nice cardboard box with logos and product graphics highlighting some of the features in front and back side shows write up about features in different languages

Inside the box

With this SSD CORSAIR also offers a 2.5mm thickness spacer along with the actual product inside the box.

SSD looks clean and simple. With a nice Red colour scheme the whole outer case is made from metal with serial no and warranty code sticker pasted on back side.


After opening the SSD case, we found a half sized PCB with total of eight Toshiba 15NM MLC NAND memory chips along with a Phison PS3110-S10-X controller and two NANYA DDR3L 256MB chips making a total of 512MB of caches.

Image Source : Corsair


CPUIntel Core i7 6700K
Board ASUS ROG Maximus VIII Formula
CoolerThermaltake Custom LCS
GFX2 x ASUS Strix GTX1070
PSUThermaltake 1250W
DisplayAsus PB287Q
OSWindows 10

Bundled Software

SSD don't come with any bundled software inside the package, but one can download the Corsair SSD ToolBox app from CORSAIR's website. This is their SSD management utility which provide lot of information about the SSD along with some diagnostic tools and also help in upgrading firmware and secure erase.



  • Decent performance with large capacity
  • 7mm thick
  • 5 Years Warranty
  • CORSAIR SSD ToolBox Utility


  • Little expensive


After a long time we got an opportunity to review a SSD from Corsair. Corsair NEUTRON XTI 480 GB SSD is a well designed product over their older Neutron XT series of SSD, with the latest NAND chips and 512MB of DDR3 Cache. This SSD gives users an excellent all round performance with 480GB for storage space and complete peace of mind with 5 years of warranty.

Only downside we found is the price. This drive is somewhat priced around Rs.14K(approx.) with is bit expensive when compared with similar capacity SSDs. Of course mostly the other low price SSDs are using TLC NAND chips and Corsair went with choosing MLC NAND with about more than 320TB of data writing guaranty, and surely this makes the Corsair NEUTRON XTI 480 GB SSD worth of extra money.

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