ROG STRIX SCOPE PBT Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

ASUS ROG offers wide range of products for PC enthusiasts and gamers. Today we are reviewing a ROG Keyboard that has been carefully constructed to fit FPS gamer's needs, the new ROG STRIX SCOPE PBT keyboard, a full mechanical gaming keyboard with German-made Cherry MX RGB switches for faster response times, aluminum frame and wider Ctrl key for FPS games. Not every gamer is about RGB lighting so the new ROG STRIX SCOPE PBT keyboard don't offer Aura RGB lighting effect.

This ROG Keyboard offers specially made keycaps using PBT(Poly-Butylene Terephthalate) plastic, a high-quality plastic, instead of commonly used ABS(Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic, making keycaps more durable, resilient to heat / chemicals and above all preventing of developing a sheen on keys over time and usage.

Now let's see what ROG STRIX SCOPE PBT Mechanical Gaming Keyboard has more for us.


  • Great for FPS games: 2X wider, ergonomic Xccurate Ctrl key means fewer missed clicks for greater FPS precision
  • Quick-Toggle switch: Instantly shift between function and media key input
  • Stealth key: Tap to hide all apps and mute audio for instant privacy; tap again to play on
  • PBT keycaps: It provides premium feel, with a durable matte finish to reduce key fading and surface wear
  • Cherry MX switches: German-made, micro-switched actuators for precision input with tactile feedback
  • Durable construction: Aluminum top plate with striking slash aesthetic for everyday resilience with a dash of style
  • Macros, management and memory: Quickly map command sequences to selected keys, adjust settings with enhanced Armoury II software, and store profiles using onboard memory

ROG Strix Scope PBT majors on durability – and that's why we've equipped it with PBT keycaps. The ultra-durable matte finish reduces key fading and surface wear over time, while thicker keycap walls bring stability and foster confident clicks. When you step up to PBT, you'll fight and frag with firmer intent.

The world-class ROG R&D team scrutinized the play style of FPS gamers, applying their findings to create a key that's more than 2X broader than traditional Ctrl buttons. The result is Xccurate Design: the extra-wide Ctrl key for fewer missed clicks and greater precision.

The Quick-Toggle shortcut prepares ROG Strix Scope PBT for gaming or the daily grind, toggling the top row between media or function (Fn) key input – so it's easy to switch modes for work or play. The keyboard is topped with an aluminum faceplate for everyday resilience, and finished with a striking slash aesthetic for a little touch of style.

A quick tap of ROG Strix Scope PBT's Stealth key instantly hides all apps and mutes all audio, assuring privacy the moment you need it. Decorated with an iconic cloaked-figure motif, a second push of Stealth puts everything back to just the way it was.

Constructed with Cherry MX switches, ROG Strix Scope PBT delivers the precise mechanical feel preferred by gamers and enthusiasts alike. The premium-quality switches are manufactured in Germany, and are renowned for offering optimal actuation and responsiveness with every keystroke.

ROG Armoury II is an enhanced driver-based software that offers more extensive controls while using less system resources. An intuitive UI lets you easily tune ROG Strix Scope PBT to suit your gameplay – create profiles, customize colors and lighting effects, map keys, record macros and more. You can even track hardware stats during gameplay for data analysis.




The keyboard comes in a black colored cardboard box with an image of the keyboard and the legendary ROG logo on the front right of the box . Back of box covers details about the product features along with specifications.

Inside the box

Along with the keyboard box also includes a quick start guide, Warranty notice and ROG stickers.


The keyboard is designed with total FPS gamers in mind. ROG Strix Scope PBT keyboard have a Xccurate Design – an extra-wide Ctrl key for FPS precision. Hit the Quick-Toggle Switch for work or play, and push the Stealth key for instant privacy. The keyboard is even finished with an aluminum faceplate for everyday resilience with a touch of style.

Braided USB cables and a USB passthrough port .

A closer look at the actual Cherry MX RGB switches under.



  • Cherry MX RGB switches
  • Nice design and feel
  • Full PBT keycaps
  • Large Ctrl Key
  • Solid build with Aluminum top


  • Nil


First interaction of typing with ROG STRIX SCOPE PBT keyboard gives a distinct feeling, you no longer click-click feel of regular ABS keycaps, instead you feel a rough uniform finished texture with a very dull sound of PBT keys giving a very pleasing experience.

ROG STRIX SCOPE PBT Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a solid build like a tank full-size keyboard with high-end durable PBT keycaps and a throwback color palette with enlarged Ctrl key highlighted in a bold shade of red. Indeed this keyboard is designed specially for FPS players

Finally at a price tag of Rs.9350 the ROG STRIX SCOPE PBT keyboard is a nicely designed keyboard keeping FPS gamers in mind, giving a great gaming experience and worthy of our PC TeK REVIEWS CHOICE Award for it's ultra-durable matte finished PBT keycaps.

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